Photo - Kobi Li



Gathering Our Voices 2016

This year helped again with Gathering Our Voices. I worked in the same capacity as previous years and had a similarly great time.

Rather than talking at length about events I'd rather share pictures. All of these photos were taken by my friend Geoff Howe. All images are wholly owned by the BCAAFC and you may not reproduce or use them in anything without their permission.

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Gathering Our Voices 2015

Over the past two years I helped the BC Association of Aboriginal Friendship Centres host Gathering Our Voices, the largest annual Youth Conference in BC.

This year, I helped out again! I also teamed up with Science Venture again to host 4 workshops!

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Gathering Our Voices 2014

I played dual roles for Gathering Our Voices 2014. One role was with the B.C. Association of Aboriginal Friendship Centres, and the other was with Science Venture.

The purpose of these conferences is to unite youth from throughout the country in learning, healing and sharing and to provide tangible experiences of tools, resources and knowledge that the youth can bring back to their communities.

The conference had 1800 delegates and over 2000 participants.

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Gathering Our Voices 2013

I helped plan and host the 11th Gathering Our Voices Aboriginal Youth Conference in Penticton, British Columbia. Much of my time was spent learning proper software design and refining the management and registration software I developed. This was my first 'real' software project.

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