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Using the setup from my last two posts, let's play with some QoS parameters and observe the results.

The documentation for OpenWRT's QoS is rather lacking, please feel encouraged to improve it as you go!

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Vagrant Clients for OpenWRT VMs

In my last post, we explored how to set up a OpenWRT VM in VirtualBox.

Let's give it some clients! Since the router is using a intnets we need to configure some machines to use that as their primary way to connect to the internet.

Since Vagrant has support for multi-machine configurations and gives us minimal builds of machines, we'll use this for our clients.

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OpenWRT in Virtualbox

For my CSC 467 project I'm studying the configuration and performance of various QoS parameters in OpenWRT.

The plan is to set up an OpenWRT router in VirtualBox and orcestrate some Vagrant boxes to create a VM network.

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