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Photos: San Fransisco Trip

A selection of images from my trip that I thought I'd share with the world.

If you want to use one of these for anything at all, just fire me an email and ask!

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The Raft-rs Rust Meetup

Exciting Times

The next few weeks are full of excitement and busy-ness! First up is the Meetup in San Fran (See our planning). I can't wait! It will be so fun to meet many people I've already met in IRC and through the community!

If you'd like to do something, or show me around the city, let me know! I've never been to the USA before, let alone San Fransisco.

After that I'm moving into a new place! A friend and I landed a great location for the next year and we're looking forward to the changes ahead. Once I'm settled in classes will be starting and I have a very busy term ahead!

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Raft Progress & Examples!

We've also got couple nice working examples! Yes, they're ready to play with!

Can't wait, need code? Visit Raft and check out the examples/ directory!

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Raft: Tooling & Infra Update

In preparation for the forthcoming 0.0.1 release of Raft we've taken several forward steps to improve our (already pretty darn cool!) tooling and infrastructure. If you attempt to set up any of these on your own and have issues let me know! I'd be more than happy to help. You can find our .travis.yml here.

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Raft: New Crates!

We've been resoundingly busy with our Raft implementation after a brief period of calm in the early summer! I'll be posting a few bits over the next weeks to help people both learn Rust, and learn about Raft!

As a result of Raft development two new crates have been put together for general consumption! Both of these are macro-centric and lead mainly by James.

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Raft: Status Update

In order to celebrate the new beta release of Rust, and as part of reporting requirements for my class, I'm happy to write to you regarding hoverbear/raft!

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Learning Cap'n Proto RPC

Awhile ago, I wrote a First Look at Cap'n Proto. Unfortunately I didn't cover how to utilize it's RPC capabilities. In Rust, this is via the capnp-rpc-rust crate.

Let's do that!

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Getting Acquainted with MIO

One of my next goals in my Raft project is to tame the tick() with mio. In this post, we'll explore what it is, what it can do, and why it matters. First things first: What is MIO?

MIO is a lightweight IO library for Rust with a focus on adding as little overhead as possible over the OS abstractions.

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Raft: A First Prototype

As you may have previously read, I've been working on implementing the Raft Distributed Consensus Algorithm in Rust for my classes (and fun!).

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Raft: Progress on the Log

I've spent the majority of my free time this last week working on Raft. As you can see from this issue I've been mostly working on the idea of transactions.

A lot has taken shape in the codebase. It still will panic at unimplemented!() about 300ms after you start a node, but "That's a feature!"

Note: All interfaces and code are not final, and are for educational and interest purposes.

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First look at Cap'n Proto in Rust

So, I found this (this, and this) Cap'n Proto library for Rust and wanted to explore it a bit. Unfortunately the documentation is sparse for the library, and I haven't played with Cap'n Proto before.

Cap'n Proto is what's billed as a 'Data Interchange Format' and 'Capability-Based RPC System'. Or a 'Cerealization Protocol'.

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Raft Experiences and Repo Made Public!

TL;DR: I've made Hoverbear/raft publicly available (It's still not ready)! Feel encouraged to contribute feedback or code via Github or email!

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Raft So Far

I've been working quite a bit on my Raft implementation over the last few days and I must say it's been quite a pleasure to work in Rust, which recently released it's 1.0.0-alpha.

It takes the work out of needing to serialize and deserialize data, it enforces data safety, and it's type checking is incredible. I'm very quickly able to make a change, build it, fix the errors the compiler catches for me, and build again, then test. So far the only times my tests have failed after a successful build was when I was accidently disgarding one of my channels.

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Raft in Rust

I'm currently working on implementing the Raft Distributed Consensus protocol in Rust.

This is a project I'm doing for my CSC466 class at the University of Victoria, and I'm hoping to use it as part of one of my projects for CSC462.

At the end of the project I plan to release it as MIT licensed code. Please stay tuned...

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