Musings of an open source Distributed Systems engineer working remotely in western Canada.

Optional Arguments in Rust

When designing an API for your crate one topic which can come is how to handle optional arguments. Let’s explore our Options in Rust! We Don’t Have Splats or Multiple Implementations Rust currently does not offer functions with variadic or optional arguments. This means this is not possible: fn impossible(val:...

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It seems that at times of monumental change in life there is a ‘before’ time, and an ‘after’ time. For example, the time ‘before’ graduation, and the time ‘after’. It feels appropriate for the moment. Over the other side of the summit is unknowns. Unknowns about the future, about ones...

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Learning to Tread the Dawn

In the time since my last writing life has been nothing short of a whirlwind. It’s been good though. I’ve relocated, started at PingCAP, found a new apartment, bought furniture(!!!), traveled, travelled more, and been working on a few other bit things. Moving back to Victoria from Berlin was (as...

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A New Year Dawns

First of all, happy new year! It’s been awhile since I wrote anything, and there are many things I’d love to write more about. Sadly, time is a limited resource and I’ve been managing to keep quite busy. For now, I’ll stick to an update about a wave of change...

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The Path to Rust on the Web

Recently there has been quite a bit of talk about WebAssembly, a new format for code for the web. It is a compile target for languages like C and Rust that enables us to write, and run, code from these languages in our browser. In the interest of learning more...

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