My name is Ana Hobden, or Hoverbear. I speak primarily English, but I also know a bit of Deutsch and 汉语. I am a forward-looking human who is passionate about open source, community, technology, education, and space. I am a Canadian from the west coast, and have ancestry from Norway, France, England, and the Listuguj Mi’kmaq. Ultimately though, I am from Earth, just like you.

Life draws me into many interesting adventures and teachings. I try to use this site to catalog and document some of it. While it documents edited and often well researched topics, it does not capture the true texture of life. When I write I try to take you along on my exploration, but that is by no means a subsitute for your own adventures.

Friendships are something I am constantly looking to build, if you need someone to talk to, or some help with a problem, let me know. I’d love to try to help. Alternatively, if you’re giving your life some texture and wholeness, I’d love to talk and learn about your perspective.

Humanity is a beautiful patchwork. I will not view you worse because of your ethnicity, sexuality, gender, physique, or anything else. I will respect your wishes around pronouns, and I do not mind whatever you use for me. I will treat you differently if I see you disrespecting others. We’re all in this together, we’ve all suffered enough.

I am involved in RustFest, Rust Belt Rust, Rust, and Raft currently. Conferences have kind of become a way of life for me and I love travelling around the world to visit them. If you’re interested in having me offer a workshop or talk at a conference you are most encouraged to get in touch. I prefer smaller, interactive sessions.

Professionally, you can find me usually on a laptop, reaching out to small clusters of etheral resources, attaching their ethernets, adjusting their knobs and levers, and helping them cooperate on monumental tasks. Recent employers include PingCAP (building distributed databases), Asquera (helping clients with their systems), Science Venture (teaching and doing community outreach), the predecessor of the Health Data Coalition, the BCAAFC (serving indigenous communities), and the (Mod)ularity Squad Distributed Systems lab.

I hold a Bachelor in Computer Science, and a Networking Option (with Distinction) from the University of Victoria. But that is not a measure of my ability or skill. It is simply a font of knowledge for me to share. University taught me many things, but my own studies and work experience were often more valuable.