This post is less about the mechanics of the quadcopter and more to satisfy those curious about what exactly is on the board.

Here are links to the schematics and component placements:

On the pictures below we'll use the schematic symbols as they are shortest.

Top Side

Labelled Top
Labelled Top
On-Board Schematic Part Purpose
MP92 X752D1 U9 MPU-9250 3 Axis Accelerometer, Gyroscope, & Magnometer
A7RRYG U3 NCP702SN30 Voltage Regulator & Power Supply
CDU TI08W U4 BQ24075 Battery Charger
NS1822 QFAAG3 1440BE U6 NRF51822 System-on-a-Chip (Transceiver/Bluetooth)
6360 T 4Y03 X3 N/A 16Mhz Quartz Crystal
RF AXIS X2401C UB1248 U8 RFX2401C 2.4Ghz Zigbee Transceiver

Bottom Side

Labelled Bottom
Labelled Bottom
On-Board Schematic Part Purpose
STM32F405 U2 STM32F405RG System-on-a-Chip
N/A U10 LPS25H Pressure Sensor
LRAG U5 LP2985 Regulator