Raft Progress & Examples!

We've also got couple nice working examples! Yes, they're ready to play with!

Can't wait, need code? Visit Raft and check out the examples/ directory!

Progress Report

The core Raft consensus algorithm now is quite functional! We're still lacking log compaction (but have support for snapshotting already prepared) and have not implemented dynamic membership changes. These things are on our road map!

We've been building more tests and examples recently, Dan landed this bundle which got us into a good state! Next I landed query and some example expansion which gave us some examples that work!


There are now register and hashmap examples in the examples/ directory. These show simplistic examples of the flexibility of the module we've created. There are plentiful comments in the examples and our module documentation is definitely getting better.

The register example uses TyOverby's bincode and replicates a simple buffer.

The hashmap example demonstrates Erickt's serde and replicates a common HashMap over a collection of nodes.

Please feel encouraged to give feedback and experiences if you play some!

Distributed Examples

I'll be working on some distributed testing and scripting for use with Puppet in the future as I fiddle more with the excellent GEE.


We've submitted a poster to SOSP'2015! Wow! Check out the issue to see what we submitted.

It was fun and we went for a "old school cereal box" feel like the Cap'n Proto site.

Psst, there's something brewing on the horizon...