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Raft: Status Update

In order to celebrate the new beta release of Rust, and as part of reporting requirements for my class, I'm happy to write to you regarding hoverbear/raft!

A Recap

In January, 2015, a undergraduate (me) at the University of Victoria set out on a quest to implement the Raft Consensus Algorithm in Rust, an experimental language in shepherded by Mozilla Research.

If you don't know what Raft is, please take a look at the secret lives of data. If you don't know what Rust is, please feel encouraged to follow along at the intro.

Back in february I had a first prototype working. It was a partial implementation and some subtle logic flaws have been found in the reworking of the code.

You can play with the very first prototype here updated for a recent nightly.

Where We're Heading

With the help of Dan Burkert several dramatic architecture changes have occured.

Summarily, the second prototype builds from the first in the following ways:

This changes are still not done, as they have required a considerable amount of work, both on our code and on upstream libraries.

As a result of this project, several pull requests to upstream projects have been created and merged.

Merged pull requests by Dan Burkert:

Merged pull requests by Ana Hobden:


At this time I'd like to personally extend thanks to the following people:

For their professionalism, mentorship, and community involvement. One of my favorite things about the Rust community is just how great it is. Stop by on IRC sometime!

I'm having a tremendous amount of fun on this project and I'm learning so much. I can't wait to wrap up my semester to get back to work on Raft!

You can get involved with Raft here. Or join the Reddit discussion here.