Photo - Kobi Li

The Way Forward

In April, I will be graduating from University. It's pretty darn exciting! Once that's happened I'll officially have a Computer Science Degree with a Networking option, meaning I focused primarily on networking for my upper year studies. I'll be completing my degree with (approximately) a 7.75 (out of 9.00) GPA and I'm pretty proud of that!

I've been placing a lot of thought into what comes next for me, and the only solid decision I've come to is that it's dependent on external factors. The problem with trying to build a plan is that many of the factors I have little control over.

What choices I make, and where my next years take me, will be dependent the opportunities which I am able to seize and which present themselves to me. In the past few years I've been incredibly lucky to have had a grand number of opportunities to engage with all sorts of amazing people and organizations. I'd like to continue that.

What I Seek

Primarily, I wish to create positive change in our world and improve the quality of life for our people. Not a small goal, and not one with a clear answer either. We in technology are granted tremendous opportunities to create change, but we are also burdened with the responsibility of ensuring what we create is done responsibly, and does not become corrupted.

I seek somewhere that encourages its employees to face these responsibilities and grasp at the opportunities, even if they are slightly out of your grasp. A good organization or company will draw together bright, compassionate humans with a shared vision, and these humans support and uplift one another, helping the grow. I don't want to stop growing, and I don't want others to stop growing.

Secondarily, I seek self-fulfillment of my dreams and aspirations. This draws me towards particular fields and disciplines for a variety of abstract ideals and reasonings. I am passionate about open source, space, BCI, privacy, operations, and networks, any organizations who might offer me opportunities in such fields, especially space, will find me an enthusiastic applicant.

Other fields, of course, are of great interest to me, and I'm always eager to learn new disciplines and ideas. In my opinion one of the greatest things about learning computer science is the utility you are able to bring to other fields, and the opportunity for you to learn while doing so.


If you've read the above, and happen to be looking for new people to bring onto your team, then please do get in touch with me. I'm (gpg).

For those who I've already been in touch with, again, thank you for your time and interest in me. I look forward to reaching out to you in the coming months to revisit our discussions.

Oh, and Happy New Year! I hope you have a great one!