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Operating System Canvas

The OS Canvas is a concept described by Aaron Dignan as part of The Ready in The Operating System Canvas.

TODO: Much of this information is behind books I need to source.


The OS canvas process described in The Operating System Canvas appears vaguely like retrospective processes I've encountered in the past.

What differs from retrospectives I've been a part of is the content and context. Instead of talking about sprints, or quarters, what is being discussed is the organization itself. They discuss 12 dimension

It seems to work first on building up tensions and vulnerability, then allowing the emotion to level out through positive reflection before trying to draw the members of the group into sharing more deeply and charting a path forward.

Open Questions


There are roughly 12 dimensions laid out (copied from the post): >


How we orient and steer; the reason for being at the heart of any organization, team, or individual.


How we share power and make decisions; the right to make decisions and take action or compel others to do the same.


How we organize and team; the anatomy of the organization; formal, informal, and value-creation networks.


How we plan and prioritize; the process of identifying critical factors or challenges and the means to overcome them.


How we invest our time and money; the allocation of capital, effort, space, and other assets.


How we learn and evolve; the creation of something new; the evolution of what already exists.


How we divide and do the work; the path and process of value creation.


How we convene and coordinate; the many ways members and teams come together.


How we share and use data; the flow of data, insight, and knowledge across the organization.


How we define and cultivate relationships; the boundaries and conditions for entering, inhabiting, and leaving teams and organizations.


How we grow and mature; the journey of self-discovery and development; our approach to nurturing talent, skills, and competence.


How we pay and provide; the wages, salaries, bonuses, commissions, benefits, perquisites, profits, and equity exchanged for participation in the organization.