Hoverbear Consulting

Building capacity and capability for a more hopeful future.

Doing good work is incredibly hard work. The world is constantly weathering your organization with new challenges to overcome, and new opportunities to grasp. I work with your organization over the long term to create capacity and capability amongst your team, preparing them for what is to come. I advocate for practical solutions and foster cooperation over competition.

Perhaps we can work together to build a better, more hopeful future:

Current Technology Company Contract: Not available. Engaged with Timber.io.

Current PNW Org contracts: Available! Contact consulting+orgs@hoverbear.org


Some of my favorites to offer:

While I am also able to help with other things, I'd prefer to spend the majority of my time on these.

Vision & Focus

Building capacity and capability for a more hopeful future.

- Hoverbear Consulting's Vision statement.

In my work I seek balance and focus. Most of the time, I work with international technology companies working in the open-source space to build a healthy technical ecosystem and a sustainable future. The rest of my time I spend engaging with Pacific Northwest based non (or not for) profit ecological conservation, STEM outreach, or social welfare efforts to help give the region I call home the best shot of surviving the challenges of the future.

At this time, I unfortunately don't have the availability to service other causes, as much as I might wish to. These places are were I have found I can cause the most impact with the skills I have.


When forming relationships with technology companies, I prefer to reach out to companies I think would be a good fit for my services. Of course, you're always welcome to introduce yourself and your organization through consulting+tech@hoverbear.org.

When it comes to organizations, I'm really interested in finding more organizations whose values match mine. I'm even more interested in providing some help! If this is through doing some technology education for your team, help putting together an event, help developing cirriculum, or something else entirely, I'd love to have a chat. Please reach out to consulting+orgs@hoverbear.org.