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Consulting Services

Currently, services are only available to Indigenous led organizations, or by referral.

Doing good work is incredibly hard work. The world is constantly weathering your organization with new challenges to overcome and new opportunities to grasp. I work with your organization over the long term to create capacity and capability amongst your team, preparing them for what is to come. I advocate for practical solutions and foster cooperation over competition.

Perhaps we can work together to build a better, more hopeful future.

Vision & Focus

Building capacity and capability for a more hopeful future.

My work has two sides:

The majority of my time, I work with international technology companies working in the open-source space to build a healthy technical ecosystem and a sustainable future. A healthy ecosystem requires collaboration as well as competition. A healthy company operates as an citizen of the society which has created the need for it to exist. A healthy open source project fulfills the hopes and dreams of the contributors which participate in it.

What time I can mange, I spend supporting and engaging with Indigenous led efforts. This company is founded on unceded Lək̓ʷəŋən territory, and the Indigenous community here has invested in me during my youth. It is my duty to invest back. Creating long term, impactful, healthy investments into Indigenous communities in Canada, as well as globally, is the overriding purpose of this company.


As a consultancy, my company can provide a range of services. I do not produce products, or operate client infrastructure.

Open source maintainership

Ongoing development and maintenance of a growing open source project is no easy task. The main service I provide is long term, ongoing maintenance services. I can help your open source project reach your goals.

As part of this arrangement, I will happily accept deep, hard technical work, examples include: implementing complex topics like Raft's Joint Consensus, adding a WASM plugin architecture to your project, and doing broad scale data model refactors.

Maintainership is a retainer style service that includes monthly independent-contributor hours as well as full access to all other company services.

I prefer Rust projects, particularly in the distributed systems, networking, or embedded space. I'm open to other things, particularly Typescript.

Technical Copywriting

From technical blog article, authoring in depth tutorials, building references, or even maintaining large project websites, I've had a part in it. There are many examples of my writing on on the blog section of this site. I have supported documentation efforts of multiple large projects, such as Vector.

A couple non-negotiable notes:

Workshops & Training

I offer flexible, friendly, casual workshops or for groups of up to 6. Content is custom catered to your needs.

Technical review or assessment

You can contract me to provide technical assessments of your ideas, your existing projects, or new features. This could be as simple as code review, or as in depth as architecture analysis.

Business advice

I have broad ranging experience working with international developer communities and been involved with the computing industry over 3 continents. I have previously worked within Canadian, German, Chinese, and American industries. I'm happy to share any knowledge I have gathered, discuss growth internationally, make key business connections, or assess the impact things like a software Foundation might have on your project.

Hiring leads

I am happy to provide you occasional leads on diverse candidates. I will work with your company to find folks who are a good fit through my interactions with our community. I work with many underrepresented folks within the Rust and distributed systems community.

This is not a paid service, and we must have had a pre-existing business relationship in the past.


I endeavor to be easy to work with. I understand you have your own requirements, and you need things to be correct for any due diligence.

I have a few policies to be aware of:


The company maintains the following mandates:

None at this time. Focused on internal research.

Previous mandates of the company:


This company has previously commited time or made financial contributions towards:


When forming relationships with technology companies, I prefer to reach out to companies I think would be a good fit for my services. Of course, you're always welcome to introduce yourself and your organization through

Indigenous led organization? You can introduce yourself via I'd love to learn more about you! I'm interested in finding ways I can effectively support your efforts in a good way.