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Setting up a Rust Development Environment

In this post we'll be discussing one way to set up your machine for Rust development. There are different ways, particularly related to the text editor, so feel free to skip what is irrelevant to you. We'll focus on:

  • Setting up Rust via Rustup.
  • Valuable tools like clippy and rustfmt.
  • Configuring VS Code for Rust.
  • Debugging with the command line and inside of VS Code.
  • Using different compile targets.

Everything we do should be functional on both Linux and MacOS, on Windows your mileage may vary. I, unfortunately, don't have a Windows instance to test on.

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An HTTPS Terminator Box

Over the last couple days at asquera we've been on a retreat at the Landhaus Fredenwalde. It's really beautiful out here and it's given me a chance to work on a few small projects which I've been wanting to explore for awhile now.

Anyways, yesterday I set up a system that uses Ansible, Let's Encrypt, nginx, and DigitalOcean to terminate HTTP and proxy requests to arbitrary hosts. The intended use case for this is to have Github Pages sites able to be dropped onto a custom domain that is SSL enabled, but there are many other use cases which I haven't experimented with (yet).

I was, primarily, interested in exploring using Ansible and DigitalOcean. It worked out quite well is running on it at the moment!

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It's a Let's Encrypt Beta!

I was privileged to recieve one of the early Let's Encrypt beta certificates for I had an easy and fun time setting it up this evening on my Funtoo Container and wanted to quickly jot down how to!

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Raft: Tooling & Infra Update

In preparation for the forthcoming 0.0.1 release of Raft we've taken several forward steps to improve our (already pretty darn cool!) tooling and infrastructure. If you attempt to set up any of these on your own and have issues let me know! I'd be more than happy to help. You can find our .travis.yml here.

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ACM papers in Pandoc

Based partially off my earlier article I've set up a repository here that demonstrates how to use Travis CI to build yourself ACM styled PDFs (along with fairly decent looking HTML versions) out of a simple pandoc markdown document!

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Rust, Travis, and Github Pages

Rust is probably my favorite programming language (as the contents of this site suggests). My interests in networks, development operations, and systems programming align strongly with Rust. They're pursuing the trifecta: Safe, Fast, Concurrent. It's been a great learning journey for me so far and I learnt to write better code in all languages.

Github Pages is Github's very generous offering of web hosting to your projects. Basically, you create a branch gh-pages and push it to Github, then browse to https://$$REPOSITORY.

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